Friday, August 14, 2009

Word Keeping

Word keeping within the LC-IHOP context is the deliberate meditation upon scripture in such a way as to build unity into one mind of Christ. Therefore, members progress through training in sequence to assure each member is in agreement with the same scriptures all the other members are in agreement with at any given level of commitment.

This unity is accomplished within small groups of no more than 12 members and one facilitator. These groups are called E-12 groups which stands for Elijah's 12 stones. The purpose of the meeting is to gain a unified understanding of scripture. Members are given a list of assigned verses upon which they meditate, pray/read, write, sing research and cherish together as a group until all members of the group agree upon the meaning of the assigned verses. Individual prophetic or healing ministry may be accomplished here provided all ministers have graduated from the respective training course.



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