Friday, August 14, 2009

Three Cubes Per Week

All staff members are required to raise their own financial support in order to accomplish their commitments as LC-IHOP staff members. However, once three cubes are maintained for six consecutive months, the part-time staff member has earned the right to apply for permission to present their wares on LC-IHOP's web site provided all other contract requirements are met.

The member who applies for three cubes per week also receives the ability to partner with their non-member spouse or one child to fulfill the member's weekly community service commitment. In other words, all the hours served by the one spouse or the one child will count towards the completion of the member's community service commitment.

In the event the LC-IHOP has no spouse or child, each additional 10% of financial giving requied for subsequent commitments will serve to satisfy the additional one hour of community service. In other words, no new community service hours are added from this point on.



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