Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Tenth Increase

One tenth increase in the context of LC-IHOP is defined by Abram's example in Genesis 14:20, combined with the explanation provided by Hebrews 7. Abram sacrificed his own resources in a bloody war for the purpose of restoring his brother, Lot, back into freedom. That sacrifice yielded the spoils of war which Abram considered as wealth from man.

These spoils were divided by Abram as follows:
  • One tenth went to Melchizedek,

  • the laborers who fought the war received their share

  • Abram kept nothing for himself. Instead, Abram exchanged the spoils of war for the promises of God.
Therefore, LC-IHOP considers the wealth of man or financial increase to be the spoils of war taken away from the enemy to set free our mothers, brothers and sisters who do the will of God. This is why every cube requires the increase of one more tenth given directly to God. It is a slow step down process designed to encourage continued and increased faith to trust God with ones own needs and desires through the fulfillment of His promises.

At the same time, this increased commitment will develop the love to consider others before ourselves in the tangible way described in 1 John 3:18. Working for the purpose of providing for others is the same as laying down one's own life for another. There is no greater love which is why the second death will have no hold upon these individuals.

As individuals increase their commitments to God, our LC-IHOP community will grow into the lifestyle of sharing all things in common the way it was modeled for us by Jesus, His disciples and the first century church.



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