Thursday, August 27, 2009

LC-IHOP's Sacred Trust

  1. Print 2 copies of the Sacred Trust. One is for your reference. One is for your assigned intercessor.
  2. Read and understand.
  3. Fill in identically the entire Sacred Trust. Sign them BOTH as this is your commitment before God.
  4. Mail ONLY ONE copy along with a SELF-ADDRESSED and STAMPED ENVELOPE to:

    General Delivery
    Riverton, Utah 84065

  5. A Sacred Trust made by someone else will be mailed to you. Please pray for the following as someone else is praying for you.
  • them to diligently seek God via their commitment.
  • the release of finances that they would remain committed.
  • the faith, strength and determination to remain committed.
  • the joy of the Lord because of their diligence.



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