Friday, April 17, 2009


Clubs are small groups of people who agree to meet once a week to worship God, interceded before God on man's behalf, study the words of God together and then serve their local community voluntarily. These four steps are called the "Block." Clubs may meet in libraries, homes or out in the wild wherever the members of that club agree before volunteering in their community. Thus, different types of clubs can be built to meet different needs while God is glorified in the meeting. Here are a few examples:
  • single family weekly devotions at home,
  • quilting clubs that make quilts for newly weds, new parents or first time home buyers etc.,
  • free automotive service to widows,
  • small group bible studies at colleges, day care centers, and retirement facilities, combined with volunteer services,
  • worship practice before leading worship at church or performing for retirement facilities,
  • employers partnering with their employees may encourage tithing time while volunteering to provide free services to the community.
  • high school students can meet and then go shovel the snow or mow the lawn for some elderly person
  • parents may form a club to home school their children
  • larger clubs can organize to make-over someone's home or yard.
  • a club of two people can meet together and worship then clean someone's bathroom.
These are all examples of various ways different clubs can serve the community as volunteer servants. All clubs who agree to the conditions defined by LC-IHOP will be listed in the LC-IHOP Events Calender located at the bottom of the front page of this blog.

As the number of clubs increase, the clubs are grouped into small geographic regions to better serve the general populous of that small region. As more people within that region begin to live a fasted lifestyle based upon the block and slowly increase their committed hours, they will begin to form a community committed to loving God first and considering others before ourselves.