Monday, July 28, 2008

Who We Are

Lamplighter's Celebration (LC-IHOP) is a group of like minded individuals who seek to enjoy God together. We meet in small clubs all around the world to worship God, study His words, intercede and to serve His beloved creation. The "Block" is the model LC-IHOP's clubs employ to build upon a calendar until there is 24/7 worship, prayer, intersession and community service in every city, town or province around the world. All the "blocks" accomplished regularly by each club will be added to Lamplighter's Event calender to invite members to their club. Once a club has reached its maximum membership, it is removed from the Events calendar and added to the 24/7 calendar for their region. The goal... 24/7 worship and prayer of God, the creator of heaven and earth, around the world and 100% unity in Jesus, the Messiah.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Individual Participation Opportunities

Here is a list of different ways individuals may participate with any of the official LC-IOHP functions:
  • as a staff volunteer or volunteer leader,
  • as a contributor,
  • as a guest


Staff Volunteers

Individuals who have dedicated their lives to calling for regeneration of the earth to prepare it for the return of Yahshua Ha Mashiach. Dedication means these individuals pursue the revelation of the light of the knowledge of the glory of Yahshua Ha Mashiach through continual prayers, fastings, searching for God in His words, servant-hood to the surrounding community, and self denial of earth's bounty in exchange for eternal rewards stored up for them in heaven. In demonstration of their commitment, these individuals are in the process of scaling down their lifestyles so they can pursue this endeavor without the cares of the world to choke out the words of God.

Staff volunteers who serve in private homes must do so in small groups of two to three. Those who volunteer for organizations may do so individually. Volunteers are given permission by the recipient to sing or pray while on the premises to bless and edify all who draw breath.

If you know of someone in need of assistance, please understand that the volunteers are directed by God as to who, when, where, and how they serve. There are plans to develop a waiting list for volunteers to know where the need is but that list is not yet available. Please be patient.


Leadership Descriptions

  1. Legal Servant Elders govern the internal accountability structure in accordance with the will of God as taught in the Bible. This branch functions as the arbitrators for the LC-IHOP community. They establish and govern the internal procedures for dispute resolution. They provide legal advise to LC-IHOP and its members. They train staff members within this legal field and in accordance with God's will. They hold the board members and apostle accountable to the words of God. This branch is also the liaison between the State and Federal judicial agencies within the prevailing government. They represent LC-IHOP and its members in all forms of court. They provide prophetic guidance and admonition to government officials.

  2. Evangelism Servant Elders are responsible for organizing evangelism training through works of service in the community. They train the staff members to intercede, preach, and teach in a manner of "hands-on" servanthood. This office organizes community volunteers to serve the local community. This branch distributes food as needed to the community.

  3. The Landscape Servant Elders are responsible for the care of the land, animals, and food production in accordance with the word of God. This branch cultivates the ground and grows food as needed. In addition, they manage the servant animals within Adam's designated authority given to them in the garden of Eden.

  4. The Hospitality Servant Elders are responsible for the maintenance, cleanliness and beautification of the LC-IHOP facilities. They handle all food service and guest management within LC-IHOP grounds.

  5. The Financial Servant Elders holds LC-IHOP and its members financially accountable to God's will. These servants report to the body of membership on the financial status of LC-IHOP. They administer budgets for all board members. This branch also instructs the public on biblical principles required by God to live with only one master.

  6. The Worship Servant Elders schedule and organizes all blocks, worship sets and musicians. These servants research the scriptures for styles and methods of worshiping God that is pleasing to Him and that is accomplished in heaven.

  7. The Economic Servant Elders monitors and reports on the literal fulfillment of prophecy. They track the progress towards the second coming by monitoring which signs have been fulfilled. They search for community members in need where LC-IHOP may apply their resources. They study and track the spiritual state of the economy to find strongholds needing love and intercession.

  8. The Political Servant Elders have the responsibility to represent LC-IHOP and its members in the public arena, legislature and media. They are responsible for prophetic utterances, calls to repentance as well as instruction of righteousness. This branch is also required to learn the political structure of their prevailing government and to participate within.

  9. The Estate Management Servant Elders are responsible to manage the private property and corresponding resources in accordance with the will of God. They acquire properties for use by LC-IHOP and its staff. This branch establishes logistical procedures for the use of the private property.

  10. The Technology Servant Elders provide the technological resource management. All electronics, audio, video equipment are acquired, maintained and utilized through this department.

  11. The Medical & Relief Servant Elders work with medical professionals to identify medical conditions needing healing. They establish and administer the healing ministry.

  12. The Communications Servant Elders coordinates all forms of written, audible and graphic art communications between members and the public. This includes but is not limited to prayer requests, bulletins, advertisements, book publications and CD and DVD jackets. This branch researches the unity of the Holy Spirit and governs that unity in accordance with the Holy Bible. All forms of communications are scrutinized to be in unity with Truth.

  13. The Apostle is an individual sent by God and recognized by the members of LC-IHOP as sent by God. This person serves in the capacity as President at LC-IHOP. The qualifications and responsibilities are found in the article "The Apostle."


Purpose Statement

The purpose of Lamplighter’s Celebration, an International House of Prayer (LC-IHOP), is to build a community of volunteer servants who exist for the sole purpose of ministering to God by working together to accomplish the following seven goals.

  1. LC-IHOP’s first goal is to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, minds, strength, and souls then to love our neighbors as ourselves, Mark 12:30-31.

    1. Members will be provided an environment in which they may corporately pursue the knowledge of God directly from God in accordance with Matthew 23:8-12; John 16:5-16; Hebrews 8:8-11; and 1 John 2:26-27.

    2. Members will be held corporately accountable for the knowledge they individually receive from God, 1 Peter 3:15, and will be subject to that knowledge, Matthew 12:6; Luke 12:47-48; John 9:41, 13:17, 15:22-24; Romans 1:20-21, 32, 2:17-23; James 4:17.

    3. Members will be given the privilege to corporately “keep” the word of God according to Deuteronomy 4:2, 10; 1 Kings 6:12; Joshua 1:13; 1 Chronicles 16:15; Psalms 119:67, 101, 127:1; Jeremiah 23:36; John 8:55, 14:23-24, 15:20; Hebrew 13:7; 2 Peter 3:2; Jude 1:17; Revelation 3:10.

  2. LC-IHOP’s second goal is to bring mankind into the unified one mind of Christ:

    1. Unity within the LC-IHOP context is defined as 100% agreement with 100% of the words of God as recorded in the Bible. This unity gives no place for man’s interpretation or conjecture. In other words, if any person has not found explicit clarification on a given topic within the Bible, the topic is to be treated as a disputable matter and closed for discussion until significant research into the Bible yields explicit instruction on the matter. Research into the Holy words of God must not nullify other explicit words found in the Bible or the research will be considered from Satan. THE BIBLE PROVES THE BIBLE or the teachings are rejected, John 14:10.

      1. Implicit instructions within the Bible will also be accepted on a specific topic of discussion provided the matter is substantiated via recorded signs (physical demonstrations of all levels of power) and wonders (emotional expressions of all levels of gratitude) within the Bible. For example, when Abraham offered up Isaac in obedience to God’s instructions, Abraham and Isaac became types of the Father and His Son. Their obedience to God’s words was the sign that pointed to God one day doing the exact same thing to His own Son. Jesus said no one takes His life but He lays it down, John 10:18. Jesus also said that the Father came for Him, John 14:30, right before He laid His life down. So we know the Father sacrificed His Son who was willing to be that sacrifice just like what happened in Genesis 22. Satan did NOT kill Jesus, NOR DID THE JEWS.

      2. If evidence for a matter is given using words or statements that are not found in the Bible, the evidence will be rejected and the matter closed to discussion. For example: If a human says that “Jesus used hyperbole.” The word “hyperbole” is not found in the Bible and therefore, this testimony about what Jesus did is rejected. Man’s popular interpretations today which nullify words God spoke yesterday will be strictly forbidden as God wrote: Psalms 89:34 "My covenant I will not violate, Nor will I alter the utterance of My lips. If God will not alter the utterance of His lips, who are we to do it by adding to the Holy Scriptures or taking away from them.

      3. If scientific research is given as evidence of the truth in the Bible, the evidence will be allowed only if it is founded on the standard for “Science” adhered to by “Answers in Genesis” and “The Institute for Creation Research.” This is merely agreement with scriptures through proven laws established by God. For example: science has proven that atoms bounce around and hit each other in such a way as to hold things together. The Bible says that all things are held together by the word of God and that the word of God is living and active. Here is the connection. It is written in Hebrews 12:26 “And His voice shook the earth then, but now He has promised, saying, "YET ONCE MORE I WILL SHAKE NOT ONLY THE EARTH, BUT ALSO THE HEAVEN." If God’s voice can shake the heavens and the earth on a huge scale, then His voice can certainly shake up a few atoms on a tiny scale. We may not be able to see the wind but we most certainly can see the effects of the wind, John 3:8, Ecclesiastes 11:5. In other words, what science has observed testifies to the truth of what was already recorded in the Bible hundreds of years before scientists formed theories, tested those theories and recorded their observations.

      4. If scientific evidence is presented that makes God’s words out to be lies, said scientific evidence will be rejected without hesitation for a house divided against itself will not stand.

    2. Unity with God will be accomplished by:

      1. Establishing as part of membership a common ground environment for God to communicate who God says He is directly to the members of His choosing, Matthew 11:27; Luke 10:22; John 1:18, 3:32, 6:46, 14:6-9, 17:3, 6:25-26; 1 John 3:6, 4:12, 20.

      2. Providing every individual the freedom to research God’s claims both corporately and independently in an environment conducive to hearing from God, Isaiah 41:9, 45:4, 65:1-16, 66:4; Matthew 22:1-14, Luke 6:13; 1 Peter 2:9; Revelation 17:14.

      3. Establishing as part of membership a code of conduct to co-exist without hostility between different ethnic groups, religious groups and political agendas while everyone searches for the truth on their own, Deuteronomy 17:12; Proverb 24:21; Ecclesiastes 8:1-5, 10:4; Matthew 22:21, 23:2-3, Romans 13:1-7, 14; Titus 3:1-7. Said code of conduct shall restrict individual behavior, appearance and speech to a predefined, accepted, and agreed upon code of conduct as defined in LC-IHOP’s policies and procedures in order to provide a secure environment for service.

      4. Providing membership the freedom to search and discover the truth individually without condemnation and without retribution should the individual maintain different opinions or fail to agree with the teachings of the established leadership, Acts 17:11; 1 John 4:1-21.

      5. As unity in the body increases through individual acceptance and agreement with the words of God as literal truth without human interpretation, members will be given the privilege to increase their service to God within the LC-IHOP corporate structure.

  3. The third goal will be to re-establish Israel into her rightful position as One who rules with God as evidenced by God’s authority, Isaiah 62, Romans 9-11. This will be accomplished by:

    1. Proclaiming God’s promises over her until she believes and walks in them.

    2. Interceding for the remission of her sins and restoration of her identity before her Creator.

    3. Dedicating resources as needed to the fulfillment of prophesies written in the Torah.

  4. LC-IHOP’s fourth goal is to build a web based communication network of individuals who have agreed to dedicate their lives and resources to minister sacrificially before the Creator who created heaven and earth:

    1. In a joint effort of non-stop worship and intercession,

      1. By providing a place to worship corporately in spirit and in truth, John 4:23-24.

      2. By providing a place to study the word of God corporately, Acts 17:11.

      3. By providing a place to corporately intercede on behalf of others through prayer, Luke 21:36, fasting and seeking God’s blessings upon them.

    2. In building up and preparing His bride in humility into the fullness of God,

      1. By speaking to one another in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, Ephesians 5:19.

      2. By operating in the gifts of the Spirit as each one has faith, Romans 12:6.

    3. In obedience to God’s ordained authority whether social, governmental or spiritual as established by His written word, the Holy Bible,

      1. By living a fasted lifestyle as demonstrated by lack of debt, Luke 16:13.

      2. By abstaining from all immorality as defined by God’s word. Matthew 19:9; 1 Corinthians 5:1, 6:18; Colosians 3:5.

    4. In monetarily prospering God’s kingdom that no one would be in lack, Acts 4:32.

      1. By giving whether out of wealth or poverty.

      2. By owning and operating businesses for the purpose of funding God’s kingdom purposes.

  5. LC-IHOP’s fifth goal which will be achieved by the time Christ returns is to redeem creation by:

    1. Restoring the land to it’s original beauty through singing of the new song, Exodus 15:2; Psalms 40:3; 98; 118:14; Isaiah 12:2; John 4:24, 6:63.

    2. Removing the curse from creation through preaching the gospel of Christ Jesus though all creation, Mark 16:15, and returning creation back to God’s rule, 1 Corinthians 15:28.

    3. Providing the proper food for all life as it is written in Genesis 1:29-30.

    4. Restoring the garden for the purpose of encountering God, the Father.

  6. LC-IHOP’s sixth goal will be to establish a city of refuge before the coming war between the servants of Christ and the anti-christ by:

    1. Maintaining a house of worship for the public to “run into God” and be saved.

    2. Maintaining an environment where everyone is healed of all sicknesses, pains, and deformities.

    3. Maintaining an environment where people are raised from the dead.

    4. Petitioning the Lord Jesus Christ to make our cities a safe zone where the implements of war cannot penetrate and cause harm to the land or inhabitants.

  7. LC-IHOP’s seventh goal will be to protect the shepherds of God’s bride from God’s wrath prophesied in Jeremiah 12:10-14 by:

    1. Removing the public eye from pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets, and apostles as God will not share His glory with anyone yet at the same time giving them a outlet to function freely in the gifts of Holy Spirit.

    2. Removing man’s conjecture and traditions in order to return to the pure words that proceed from the mouth of God as He desires in Hebrews 8:8-12 and Isaiah 54:13.


What is an International House Of Prayer?

Simply stated, an international house of prayer is a community of like minded servants who have committed to unify themselves with Yahshuah Ha Mashiach by doing what He does just as He did what the Father did. Prayer, fasting, serving, giving, and studying the words of God where just a few things Jesus did while on earth. Therefore, this house of prayer is committed to following Jesus' example of the way, the truth and the life through:
  • Intercession - standing before God on man's behalf

  • Holiness - dedicating our lives to God in every way,

  • Obedience - doing the things our Father in heaven does,

  • Praise - lifting up our voices rejoicing in God and delighting in man

With this in mind, Lamplighter's Celebration is committed to continually taking Christ's yoke upon us and to do what He did through Intercession, Holiness, Obedience, and Praise. These are the works Mary pursued about which Jesus said "...but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her," Luke 10:42. King David chose the very same "good part."

One thing I have asked from the LORD, that I shall seek: That I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, To behold the beauty of the LORD And to meditate in His temple. Psalm 27:4


LC-IHOP's Cube

Lamplighter's Celebration is a group of people who have committed to give Glory to God by: 1) agreeing with and speaking His words, 2) accompanying Him in what he does, 3) rejoicing in the Father, and 4) delighting ourselves in mankind. We meet together in four hour blocks of time which are four of the six commitments we share in common known as cubes. LC-IHOP's cube has one side for every equally weighted commitment to God. The commitments are as follows:
Cubes may be accomplished anywhere and at anytime satisfactory to those who have agreed to meet together. However, to be included on LC-IHOP calendar, facilitators of cubes must graduate from all required training and the hours of word keeping, corporate worship, and private intercession must be accomplished consecutively and in the following order:
  1. Corporate Worship
  2. Word Keeping
  3. Private Intercession
This consecutive requirement and order are imposed merely for the purposes of tracking the 24/7 status within a given region. This is necessary as only one notice per cube will be posted to the calendars. Thus, those individuals who do not have the time to spend three straight hours seeking the Lord can work their schedule around multiple cubes at different times in the week.