Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Available Training Seminars

Each of these seminars builds upon the previous and as a whole will provide everyone with the right path toward the "mustard seed" of faith which moves mountains. The seminars are listed in the order they may be completed.

The respected time for instruction does not include time for worship to prepare the hearts to receive these truths. Nor do these times include needed breaks. They are purely time needed to cover the topic.

  1. Hermeneutics - The testimony of Jesus is 3 hours of instruction which details three different methods Jesus employed to testify of His Father and how all three methods agree.

  2. Introduction to IHOP is 5 hours of instruction which only highlights four essential ingredients that make up God's house of prayer.

  3. Sustained Prayer is one hour of instruction on how to pray the way Jesus prayed. It is followed with two hours of practical application.

  4. Humility is a one hour of instruction which contrasts true and false humility as well as a compares humility with confidence.

  5. Peacemaking, otherwise known as biblical arbitration, is two hours of instruction on the purpose and biblical processes for keeping the peace.

  6. Faith is one hour of instruction. By the time this seminar is attended many students will already have a practical understanding of true faith. Therefore, this instruction is to provide a biblical foundation.

  7. Authority must be achieved if anyone is to move mountains. Therefore, it will be a good three hours long in order to undo the lies that set themselves up against the truth in scripture.

    • Biblical Dream Interpretation - one hour

    • Biblical and Accurate Prophesy - one hour

    • Healing - one hour

    • Signs and Wonders - one hour



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