Friday, July 18, 2008

Leadership Descriptions

  1. Legal Servant Elders govern the internal accountability structure in accordance with the will of God as taught in the Bible. This branch functions as the arbitrators for the LC-IHOP community. They establish and govern the internal procedures for dispute resolution. They provide legal advise to LC-IHOP and its members. They train staff members within this legal field and in accordance with God's will. They hold the board members and apostle accountable to the words of God. This branch is also the liaison between the State and Federal judicial agencies within the prevailing government. They represent LC-IHOP and its members in all forms of court. They provide prophetic guidance and admonition to government officials.

  2. Evangelism Servant Elders are responsible for organizing evangelism training through works of service in the community. They train the staff members to intercede, preach, and teach in a manner of "hands-on" servanthood. This office organizes community volunteers to serve the local community. This branch distributes food as needed to the community.

  3. The Landscape Servant Elders are responsible for the care of the land, animals, and food production in accordance with the word of God. This branch cultivates the ground and grows food as needed. In addition, they manage the servant animals within Adam's designated authority given to them in the garden of Eden.

  4. The Hospitality Servant Elders are responsible for the maintenance, cleanliness and beautification of the LC-IHOP facilities. They handle all food service and guest management within LC-IHOP grounds.

  5. The Financial Servant Elders holds LC-IHOP and its members financially accountable to God's will. These servants report to the body of membership on the financial status of LC-IHOP. They administer budgets for all board members. This branch also instructs the public on biblical principles required by God to live with only one master.

  6. The Worship Servant Elders schedule and organizes all blocks, worship sets and musicians. These servants research the scriptures for styles and methods of worshiping God that is pleasing to Him and that is accomplished in heaven.

  7. The Economic Servant Elders monitors and reports on the literal fulfillment of prophecy. They track the progress towards the second coming by monitoring which signs have been fulfilled. They search for community members in need where LC-IHOP may apply their resources. They study and track the spiritual state of the economy to find strongholds needing love and intercession.

  8. The Political Servant Elders have the responsibility to represent LC-IHOP and its members in the public arena, legislature and media. They are responsible for prophetic utterances, calls to repentance as well as instruction of righteousness. This branch is also required to learn the political structure of their prevailing government and to participate within.

  9. The Estate Management Servant Elders are responsible to manage the private property and corresponding resources in accordance with the will of God. They acquire properties for use by LC-IHOP and its staff. This branch establishes logistical procedures for the use of the private property.

  10. The Technology Servant Elders provide the technological resource management. All electronics, audio, video equipment are acquired, maintained and utilized through this department.

  11. The Medical & Relief Servant Elders work with medical professionals to identify medical conditions needing healing. They establish and administer the healing ministry.

  12. The Communications Servant Elders coordinates all forms of written, audible and graphic art communications between members and the public. This includes but is not limited to prayer requests, bulletins, advertisements, book publications and CD and DVD jackets. This branch researches the unity of the Holy Spirit and governs that unity in accordance with the Holy Bible. All forms of communications are scrutinized to be in unity with Truth.

  13. The Apostle is an individual sent by God and recognized by the members of LC-IHOP as sent by God. This person serves in the capacity as President at LC-IHOP. The qualifications and responsibilities are found in the article "The Apostle."



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