Friday, July 18, 2008

LC-IHOP's Cube

Lamplighter's Celebration is a group of people who have committed to give Glory to God by: 1) agreeing with and speaking His words, 2) accompanying Him in what he does, 3) rejoicing in the Father, and 4) delighting ourselves in mankind. We meet together in four hour blocks of time which are four of the six commitments we share in common known as cubes. LC-IHOP's cube has one side for every equally weighted commitment to God. The commitments are as follows:
Cubes may be accomplished anywhere and at anytime satisfactory to those who have agreed to meet together. However, to be included on LC-IHOP calendar, facilitators of cubes must graduate from all required training and the hours of word keeping, corporate worship, and private intercession must be accomplished consecutively and in the following order:
  1. Corporate Worship
  2. Word Keeping
  3. Private Intercession
This consecutive requirement and order are imposed merely for the purposes of tracking the 24/7 status within a given region. This is necessary as only one notice per cube will be posted to the calendars. Thus, those individuals who do not have the time to spend three straight hours seeking the Lord can work their schedule around multiple cubes at different times in the week.



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